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As of today, we have 10+ programs since 2011. We work hard to create programs that are needed in the Micronesian Islander community.

What we care for

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Chronic Disease: Diabetes Prevention

We consult with our health partners to provide workshops and services for the community members who are at risk or willing to learn more about diabetes prevention. Currently, we are refining this program to cater specifically to Pacific Islanders and Micronesians. 

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention

This program started in 2019 and we have engaged the community to learn about domestic violence and sexual assault prevention. Our staff is trained to work with victims in our community and direct them to the proper resources. 

Food and Culture Series

In partnership with Oregon Food Bank and affiliated partners, we offer Seed to Support and Cooking Matters to the community. We are also in the process of changing the curriculum to be culturally specific for our community.

We also have an ongoing “What’s Cooking in the Kitchen” series with Staff member, Bella Borja! We may be incorporating other guest cooking opportunities. Contact us if you want to share your culinary skills with us. 

Health Care Insurance for COFA

From 2019-2021, MIC has been a grant funded community partner from Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services (DCBS) to provide support for the Compact of Free Association (COFA) citizens who live in Oregon. 

After the COFA Premium Assistance, MIC has been a recognized community partner assister with Oregon Health Authority (OHA). We currently enrolled 400 individuals into OHP State Medicaid and associated programs. Many of these COFA citizens are transferred  from the COFA Premium Assistance. The COFA language interpretation and translation services are also available. 

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Leadership Development

Developing community leadership and providing necessary resources for aspiring leaders is paramount as any services and program that we provide. These activities  include (not inclusive as we do offer more!): 

Summer Cultural Program

Since 2018, MIC has led a summer-based cultural program series for the Kapingamarangi community. In partnership with the elders and youth, a summer program for the community members seeking to learn about the Kaingamarangi community, language, and culture has been offered to interested participants. MIC is in the the process of creating a summer program series for other Micronesian Islander communities. 

In the prior years, we are also engaged in other cultural celebration and awareness activities:

taste of Micro

Micronesian Islander

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