Position Title: Community Health Worker
Reports To: Micronesian Islander Community (MIC) Chair
Duration: 9 months, with the possibility of extension for two additional years.
Hours: 0.25 FTE (approximately 12 hours/week), from October 1, 2018-June 30, 2019.
Compensation: $16.50/hour. No benefits due to temporary position.

The position is housed at APANO, the 501c3 fiscal sponsor for MIC.

The Micronesian Islander Community (MIC) is a grassroots community organization in Oregon. MIC is looking for an organized, motivated, and passionate multilingual Micronesian Islander to provide support to Micronesian Island families with pregnant mothers and young children under the age of 8. The successful applicant will work with MIC to support the health of Micronesian Islander families in Marion and Polk County and address the health disparities these communities face. The ideal candidate is fluent in a Micronesian Islander language (writing, speaking, reading), resides or is willing to commute to various sites primarily in Marion and Polk County and a willingness to learn community organizing.

MIC is an Oregon based non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for Micronesian Islander communities residing in Oregon. MIC’s primary goal is to provide leadership training to Micronesian and Islander youth, offer cultural and language arts programs to increase awareness of our communities to Oregonians, and to seek social justice for our community.

Position Description
The Community Health Worker (CHW) will contact Micronesian Islanders and their families residing in Marion and Polk County and provide support services for families with pregnant mothers and or young children 8 years old and younger. The CHW will develop case management techniques to fit the needs of the clients being served. The ideal candidate will be familiar with the Micronesian Islander community residing in Marion and Polk County. The individual will be dedicated, responsible, responsive, and a passionate person who is able to communicate clearly with their Supervisor and with the community they work.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable providing culturally specific CHW services including one-on-one support and health education, health care navigation, community organizing, group
classes, and cultural mediation among other services. Funding for this position is made possible through the Health and Education Fund Partners, including CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Meyer Memorial Trust, Northwest Health Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation.

Key Functions and Responsibilities:
Community Engagement, Outreach, and Family Assessments (50%)
● Building relationships with individuals and families.
Plan and lead at least one workshop related to maternal child health outcomes, centered on education and health.
Identify and attend Micronesian Islander events to conduct outreach, recruitment, and enrollment into services offered.
Be comfortable having a caseload of 5-7 individuals at a time.

Record Keeping (30%)
● Maintain records of each visit with family served.
● Records will be kept in a locked, secure place.

Attending and Participating in Required Training (10%)
● Attend a certified Community Health Worker (CHW) training program if not completed.
● Pass a background check.
● Attend other trainings as assigned or able to gain an in-depth understanding of
serving as a CHW.

Required Supervisor-Employee Meetings (10%)
The CHW should expect to receive no less than 15 hours of administrative and reflective supervision each month.
The meetings will include weekly one-on-one check ins to meet with the CHW Supervisor to identify and address barriers, strategize solutions, and celebrate accomplishments.

Required Qualifications:
The Community and Health Worker will have:
● Strong community skills (written, verbal) in a Micronesian Islander language and English.
● Comfortable organizing events, including attending outreach and education opportunities to engage with Micronesian Islanders.
● Interest in working with individuals and families with chronic diseases.
● Have a flexible schedule to conduct community home visits and outreach educational events that may include working evenings and weekends.
● Ability to write comprehensive and detailed post-visit notes.
● Basic computer skills and strong attention to details.
Ability and willingness to provide emotional support, encouragement and motivation to clients.

Preferred Qualifications:
Understanding and experience with community organizing.
Knowledge of and connection to Marion and Polk County.
Completed CHW training and is a certified CHW or in process of becoming a certified CHW.

Applications are due no later than September 15.
Selected applicants will be contacted for interviews from September 15-September 25.
An offer to successful applicant by October 1.
October 1 start date, with some flexibility, if needed.



Indicate what interests you in this position and why you want to work for MIC (maxmimum 2 pages in length).
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