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Micronesian Island... NEEDED $1000000

This program involves the development, building, and establishment of a resource center for the Micronesian Islander Community. We envision the following: Workforce development including a computer lab for resume building, job applications, and job training. Food and clothing pantry for families in need. Workspace for our MIC employees. Conference room meeting space for our community members. Resource and support center for our Micronesian Islander youth. ...

Interpreter Progra... NEEDED $10000

MIC partnered with Oregon Health Authority (OHA) equity and inclusion office to fund and sponsor potential Micronesians and Pacific Islanders who can be qualified interpreters in the state of Oregon. In June, 7 Micronesians and Pacific Islanders who completed the Qualified Medical Interpreting program. Their names will be added to Oregon Healthcare Interpreter Registry to help our community members who needs medical interpretation services. 7 qualified interpreters dedicated 64 hours of training! If you want to be part of the MIC volunteer team or interested to participate in upcoming programs please fill out the form below....

Micronesian Island... NEEDED $5000

This program involves developing a Micronesian Islander dance troupe to teach youth our culture through song, dance, and performance. Connecting culture through performances and music. Cross-cultural training. Diversity awareness. ...

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